Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Run for the Cure

Fall is finally coming to Nova Scotia.

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I have to say that although I love the heat of summer and all that comes along with it, I LOVE the fall. This pretty little leaf was the first really colorful one that I saw.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA couple of week ago Jenn, Jo, Susannah and I did the CIBC Run For The Cure 5k in downtown Halifax. I'd never done it before, and when they mentioned that they were going to do it I jumped at the chance. This past year I've know several women that have either been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, or have had scares.
Despite the fact that it was a Sunday morning and it was CHILLY out, there were something like 8, 400 people, men, women, little tiny kids, and more than enough dogs, on the Commons.

The names that people came up with for their running teams were great. Some of the best included Titty Titty Bang Bang (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), and DDs. There were more halarious ones, I wish that I could remember them!
Along with the great names, there were cool things like an entire boys team that wore bright pink socks and shoe laces. Its neat how people get so into it.

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Heres our team out for Starbucks after we finished running!:)

Funny Story:
As we left my house to head down to register, the plan of my family was to go to church for the morning, as usual. Once Jenn and I finished running we stood on the side of the road to cheer on the other people coming in. As we were standing there I saw a guy that looked like my dad and so I pointed it out to Jenn saying "Jenn, look, that guy looks like my dad!" and then I proceeded to realize that it WAS my dad running down the road with a nice pink sash tied around his neck. Finally after the shock of the complete randomness of seeing my dad running (which he hasnt done in months) down the street (which he really wasn't planning on doing), we cheered him on and laughed for a long time.

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