Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good news!!


Sorry that it's been so long since I last updated. It's going to be a while yet. I really dont have time to sit down and fill in on all the happenings of malagash.

Last week was 3-5 camp, it was super fun. I counseled with Jenni and we had a great cabin.
This week it is 5-7 camp. Rebekah is my jr., and our girls are SO boy crazy that it's halarious. Alli and Emily are up for the week, which is really nice because despite having so many people around up here all it's kinda lonely sometimes... it's nice to have some family members here. Next week it'll be family camp, directed by my parents, so my WHOLE fam will be here. That makes me happy.

I'm healthy (except for a sore foot from jumping on a sharp rock-I think- and an achy neck from being a stubborn chicken-fighter), and am reminded daily of how FAITHFUL our LORD is. This thursday I'm leading a devotion on Psalm 139, and as I prepare for it and as I read it over and over the words of King David amaze me because I forget so quickly how great God really is.

1"O LORD, you have searched
and you know me."

14 "I praise you because I am
fearfully and wonderfully
your works are wonderful,
I know that full

I am refreshed as I read the verses. He KNOWSme. He knows when my foot is sore, He knows when I'm exhausted, He knows my heart. All that He created is so awesomely intricate and wonderful, including the campers that are making us nuts :).
Christiane, I love you.
it was hot in the kitchen last week. Thanks for slaving in there along with making multiple trips to the hospital and loving the kids at the same time.

P.S. Christiane and I saw pilot whales the other day.. we went out to see them closer in a canoe and were like 20 ft away. It was awesome.


Janna said...

Jules...I am loving it that you are updating as the summer goes along...really. I long for the news. I talked to Chris yesterday for a good two hours and heard all about camp. It so helps me to pray for you all. I care so much.
love to you. I will write an email soon. xo

julia said...

Hey guys. Can you see the picture of Christiane that I put up?? I can't tell if it is just this computer being dumb or if it just didn't load.

Leah said...

Hey Jules!
Great update. I agree with Janna, I long for the news as well.

I can't see the picture...

Good to hear you are well!

Christiane said...

The other day when I was on here I couldn't see the picture... but now that I CAN, I sure wish I couldn't!!! :) This was my attempt at a "Marolyn Monroe" poster pose with the fan blowing my dirty kitchen apron... I'm afriad that, now having seen the picture, I failed at my impersonation, and the only thing I suceeded in was making it look like I was about to pee my pants!! Oh, dear... and here I thought the pact was "what happens in the camp kitchen, stays in the camp kitchen!" Oops ;)

I love you too Jules, and can't express enough how blessed I feel to have been up there the first 2 weeks of camp (full weeks anyway) and see the Lord using you in the lives of so many people-staff and camper. My Cup hath Runneth over :)

(wish we'd gotten more time to spend together... but we'll just have to make sure we max it out this fall ;) xoxo )