Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer has begun...

ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. ZERO
Hey guys, this is just a super quick update... I'm at camp right now... Ryan and I had a great drive up with Susannah and Jo. ahh, so much laughter.
Some prayer requests for the summer:
-unity among the staff... there are a lot of us, and a lot of personalities...
-patience and wisdom for when we're with our campers... those guys can come up with some tricky questions
-ENERGY... enough said
-good health
-opportunities to have conversations with campers

I'm excited now that I'm up here... it's so wierd to think that after not being here at all last summer, I'm going to be here ALL summer this year!!
I'm also excited to get mail from all of you through out the summer (hint, hint!)

email: (in the subject box just write "for Julia Churchill)

Julia Churchill
Malagash Bible Camp
8 Bible Camp Rd. RR#1
Malagash, NS
BOk 1E0


Briggins said...

I'll try to e-mail you. Hope your summer goes well.

Christiane said...

Yay!! Camp has BEGUN! :) I'm prayin' for you Jules...