Friday, June 01, 2007

Stupid thought of the day:

Here is a series of thoughts that went through my head this afternoon:

a few mins ago i was upstairs thinking "man, I have been drinking SO much water but I'm constantly still thirsty..."

then I thought " ohh nooo, what if I have diabetes!"

then I thought "Julia, you retard. you have had it for 10 years."


Anonymous said...

let me just sister is BRILLIANT! I laughed SO hard when i saw this...good one jules!

Anonymous said...

Very funny Julia! It's comforting knowing other's have moments like that :o)

Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean jules.

Anonymous said...


Briggins said...

You are a retard.

Anonymous said...

ha ha are so funny Jules. I agree with Sarah though, good to know others have those moments too.
I won't see you before you go to camp for the summer, so have an awesome summer!!!
Leah :0)