Monday, June 04, 2007

another retreat...FR 2007

Only 19 days until I head up to camp for staff training! Yikes!
I can't believe how fast it's coming.
This past weekend was really cool because it was a retreat with a whole bunch of kids there that are the ages of campers that'll be up there in just over a month.
I love waking up in the morning and going out to sit on the porch and read or eat my favorites- mini wheats (no milk) with a cup of green tea.
It was a good 3 days.
I don't think that I'll ever be tired of the Mali beach photos. I wonder how many there are floating around out there... I'm sure there are hundreds that have been taken over the years. Alli took this one.
Here are Jenni and I proudly showing you all our clams that we dug up!

On Saturday Jenni, Alli and I scooted down to the beach and had a great time clam digging... until I got sliced by a razor clam. Those guys hurt! When I was really little, probably about 8 or 9, I cut my finger digging for clams, and I just remember flinging my hand around while Steph Fox carried me up to the nurses station to fix it up for me. All in all I do not remember it being a horrible experience. This time was slightly more traumatic. I had to run up to the lodge holding my poor little finger so that it wouldn't bleed all over the place. Then I had to get Jer to clean it up for me. You'd think, that after 10 years of seeing my blood about 4 times a day, that I'd be unphased by the stuff.... not the case. I spent the rest of the evening randomly giggling as I thought of how funny it would have been if I passed out in different places around camp... such as infront of all the campers when I went to get help. Or in the field as I ran up to the lodge.

Our van was filled up with Churchills, Frizzells and a Marsh. It was a run ride that included a lot of laughter, some deadly sunday-drivers and tub of Scotsburn Choc. Chip cookie dough ice cream and bendy plastic spoons. YUM.

On the drive home, we found out that Nathan was the much talked about boy of the weekend. Grade 6 girls--- you gotta love 'em.

On Saturday night we (the kitchen staff and a couple of the jr high leaders) scared the grade 6 boys as the walked through the 'haunted woods' behind the chapel. I felt a little bit bad because a couple of the kids actually were really scared... Alli and Jenni were hiding in a different spot than I was and were running around the edge of the chapel to scare them all a second time, but they just ended up getting scared them selves (more-so Alli though, I think, than Jenni) as they ran into the boys as they turned the corner.
Here's the question(s) of the day: Who can tell me where this piece of paper can be seen on camp property (be specific folks!), and bonus points for you if you can tell me who wrote it:)!
[**note: this contest does not apply to Alli Churchill or Jenni Richards].

p.s. does anyone here know what song I'm talking about when I give you the lyrics : If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you God for giving me wings... ???


Christiane said...

MY sister wrote it :)

It is located in the girls bathroom in the lodge...

humm...3rd stall :D

( least that is were is was a few years ago!!)

julia said...

yeaaa Chris. you're so good:).

Jenn said...

No one know that song except for you and Briggs! I so want to hear that song sung this summer, actions and all! You have to find it!
I love the post see you in 19 days!!

Anonymous said...

I see Christiane beat me to it! It is the third stall Chris :o)
I always use that one so I can read it and see Janna's printing. I'm pathetic I know!

Janna said...

If I were a fuzzy wuzy bear....I'd thank you LORD for my fuzy wuzy hair...and I just thank you Father for making me.....ME! :)

And if I were a fish in the sea, I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee...

And if I were a crocodile, I'd thank you LORD for my big smile..., Jules, your butterfly line doesn't really rhyhm?!? :) Hehe. I can't think of any other verses, but Christiane should know more.

Oh...and Yes I wrote that verse and stuck in one of the stalls in the girls bathroom. It actually is supposed to say " For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, in order to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him!" I ran out of room obviously. Congrats, but it doesn't erally count that Christiane won the contest.

Christiane said...

Hey now... of course it counts... you did that a good 6+ years ago, so it just goes to show how good my memory is :) And hey, if I didn't say it, Sarah would have gotten it anyway... and you even wrote it with her didn't you... either Sarah or Steph Fox... can't remember that detail...

good job on the song tho Jay... I couldn't quite peg it myself... that would be SUCH a cute song translated into Spanish!! :)

Gee Jules, this entry sure is gettin' lots a comments :p

Love you all!

The Bruce said...

hahaha, it's not THAT cute a song translated into spanish... i seem to recall hearing it one sunday there... but oh well:)

Anonymous said...

I definatly think its in the girls bathroom, though I think that this contest can't really be fair since it would be hard for any boy to admit that he has been in the girls bathroom. Deb