Friday, February 02, 2007


Thats what I love about today. I had a fabulous sleep-in (after being woken up at 8 to sign a test for Nath), and when i woke up I was quite happy to thing that I slept guilt-freely through the two hours that should have been my classes (but aren't b/c of MUNROE DAY) and now I'm up.

Now I'm going to eat.
Lata gatas.

OH!! AND GOOD NEWS!! SPRING IS COMING EARLY!! (according to the groundhog Regis and Kelly)
does that count for us up here in Canada?? I sure hope so, because i am ready for some spring... last night I dreamed about swimming.

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Briggins said...

The sleep in was very nice, except I get up at 11:00 every Friday anyways...but its nice not having to rush into the day.

That friggin ground hog better be right! Die winter die!