Wednesday, January 03, 2007

back to school parte dos.

soo who here can think of a sweeter way to start back to classes after a month off than having only 1 class? yup, me neither. even today I had a mini sleep in and was done class by 10.30. AWEEE SOMMEEE.

AND the class was a gooder. español 2020. also someone told me today that I have an ecuadorian accent!! that made me really happy because just yesterday I was thinking that I was losing it.

So now that my first day back is done, Briggs and I are watching Pulp Fiction ( another a for the 'must see' list), and are resuming our mindless states.

i know this is a horrible post, but i like seeing where people in the world check my blog from.... so i have to find something to say!!

where are YOU from?
de donde eres?

Da dove la sono?

D'où vous sont ?


Henrik Kronstrom said...

Vad är ditt namn? Mitt namn är Henrik Kronstrom. Jag bor i Linkoping, Sweden. Jag är sjutton år.

Vi ses senare!

Tim said...

Man that movie is wierd. I had to turn it off after 20min or so. Didn't see what the big deal was and I'll usually suffer through a bad movie.

Let me know how it goes...

Anonymous said...

Yo soy de Ecuador.
Tambien quisiera escucharq ue tengo acento Canadience, pero es deificil, hay que trabajr para eso:p


Briggins said...

Your post is screwed up. I suggest switching to Blogger Beta (Even though it is no longer Beta). Its alot Betta. ha ha I am so funny.

julia said...

yea, yea. I know it was screwed up, but I hate fixing things from laptops becuase ususally when Im using one there's no mouse, and i rarely have the patience to highligh and that stuff without a mouse. you are a regular comedian briggs. ja ja ja. :P

Béthany said...

i like pulp fiction. i guess not everyone does.