Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1.05-1.13 am

to me there is not a whole lot more fusterating at 1.05am than trying soooo hard, but being unable to sleep. that is the case here, folks.
i did a heckofalot of thinking today and then when i went to go to bed i was reading and now compliments of the combination of the two, i am here wide-eyed. oooh well.

i went for ethiopian dinner again tonight. it was delish (or course). good company too. I need to stop eating out though, my wallet is empty. don't even bother bullying for milk money... you won't find any in my pockets! Time to find a job.
it was raining men (halalujah) tonight... just sheets and sheets coming down as we looking out the resturant windows, and someone jokingly said that it would be funny if all the power went out but ours... and sureeee enough, about 10 minutes later some gal walked in an proceded to announce that all of quinpool's power was out except for ours!! even the flower shop owner(almost right next door) came to get matches for candles. isn't that cool??! my vote is YES. thank you JESUS for keeping the heat and the lights on so we could enjoy the meal. it was a lot of fun.

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Briggins said...

Well its about time!!! The comment book took about five minutes to load!

My comment was to be I'm glad I was about to rob you of your milk money to day and eat Pepsi and Sun chips. :P Merci Beaucoup.