Sunday, January 28, 2007

aloha from malagash.... ahah. bad joke. it was freezing.

** Funny things I heard this weekend....

-"Where's the old guy??"- camper called Morgan.... 'old guy' being Brian Hill.
-"Julia, you suck horribly at pingpong"- my brain, over and over and over.

...annnd... thats about the extent of the funniness that i heard.

So, YEA! I'm home from an exhausting weekend at camp. Isn't it wierd how when we're up there for a week we can go full tilt all week and not be tired until thursday... but when you're there for a total of two days, but the end of it you're SO tired??? well, maybe that doesn't happen to you folks, but it sure does to me.
Despite the exhaustion, it was a good weekend. I didn't really know the other kitchen helpers that were under 36, but it was so good for me just to be up there. I forget how much I love that place, and I just keep being reminded of what a blessing it's been, not just in my life, but in the lives of all the others who have been. And I realized just how much I missed the camp and the people there while I was away this summer.

It was FRIGID outside on friday night and saturday, but on one of our breaks, Cathy and I decided to brave the elements (FREEZE and wind), and take a trip to the beach... For those of you that have never seen sand on snow... you can see a photo to your right. (arena y hielo a la playa --->)

Morgan, a really odd and interesting little fellow, but nice none the less, decided to come along with us. He was a chatter box with a WILD imagination... I was a little bit worried that he'd walk out onto the ocean ice, which went for as far out as I could see, (which, if you've ever read Robert Munche's A Promise is a Promise, you'll know is a horribe HORRIBLE idea) and that I'd have to rescue him. Even on the beach where you knew that there was just sand under the ice, it was a surprise when a hole suddenly appeared where your foot was just 2 seconds before.

Even though I'm home now and I'm fully exhausted, I'm thankful that I was up there.... even though there was snow, and the sun that was shining was so cold that it wouldn't even melt the ice that covered the whole beach ...

Oh... this <---- is the pond/rec area. It was mostly frozen over and the kids LOVED playing on it.... rolling on it.... they had a ball on that yummy body of water/???.


Briggins said...

Kids liked pond/rec area!?! Oh no, they're going to grow third and fourth limbs.

When I was at camp the most tired I was was before camp even started, before grad/ was wierd. I definitely did not get through the summer on my own strength.

Jenn said...

Jules you're just getting older and can't handle nights where you're not in bed by 10:30.. haha just kidding, i noticed that too that i'm more tired when you work weekends.
Haha, that's funny about Brian being the old guy, i miss him! I'm glad you had fun in my neck of the woods. Sweet pictures i must add. You'll have to come up again and we'll work together and show the young ones how it's done!

julia said...

yea man. sounds good... like the no fingers in the guests food rule. man... it's common sense.