Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a tale of two travellers

I LOVE CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! It's so free and unplanned. Those days are my favorites... the ones where you just make 'em up as you go. That was today.....

After sitting around in my kitchen for a good hour today, Briggins and I decided to take a trip to the place of huge waves, green lighthouse lights, granite rocks and the salty ocean air, and apparently population of 40... Peggy's Cove.

We packed some music, Rascalflatts for me and a mix cd for him, and hit the road... really until probably last year I didn't really like Peggy's Cove... Keltie, you changed not only my outlook on life, but on Peggy's Cove too. Now the drive out is something that I look forward to doing, even when the weather is FREEZING, windy and grey.

Briggs was MORE than excited go on the mini trip. Just LOOK at that enthusiasm!

I love driving, but I hate beng stuck behind slow drivers... for quite a while we were exactly that, but it was time I guess to appreciate the beauty that surrounded us on the prospect road(thats for you Kelt... look at that optimism). I think I said probably 8 times that I think that NS is so beautiful... to quote someone who I don't remember, there's just something about the ocean...

As we drove out, I was really really excited because I've been wanting to go out there for probably a week, and it was snowing!! Yea, I know... I'm not a snow fan, but it's just so pretty.. unfortunatly it didn't even stick on the ground. My kind passenger was more than happy to point out to me that of all the millions of flakes falling that none were there for more than a second or two... No more drives for you, Buddy!

When we got to Peggy's Place, a kind man almost forcibly offered to take a picture of us.. it was really nice of him, but it was snowing, he was a slow pic. taker. anddd... it was really really cold. Oh well. I think this is the only pic of briggs and I that I have that isn't us all glammed up.. I like the chilled look better, don't you?? Yea. much more comfortable,and we dont' look like we're married... or about to be married... neither of which are we.

Before we left, briggs wanted to do some quality thinking, and I wanted to take a little dip. This is unfortunatly the water was so cold that all I could get in the water were my toes.... BRRRR. Welcome to Canada, people. Briggs laughed at me and I put my shoes back on really fast.. I have to wait till june, I guess.

One thing that I love about Peggy's Cove is how even though it's like a 25 minute drive from halifax, which isn't really far at all, it's got this beautiful, old and really rural look about it. The fishing boats look really used, and the sheds are so weathered from years of water and salt... it's really cool.

On our way home we made friends with some obese vegetables.

It was a good adventure... time goes so fast, I think it's so good to just get out sometimes... get slapped around by a massive apple, and freeze your toes off.

Get a friend(if you don't have one, make one)... go for a drive... take some dumb pictures. It's good for you I would say.


Anonymous said...

Well your review of the day is much better than mine haha. Maybe me up on only 2 2hour naps last night is taking a tole on my writing abilities.

And I'm pretty sure that I said all the snowflakes falling were sacrifices so the flakes after them could stay on the ground. Crazy how snow works eh?

Robin said...

haha oh wow! I am so excited about drives right now. I had a wicked one home from CB today...with my mom and dad and little was sweet. Probably the best part was when we stopped in Truro...I picked up a little ring for my sister...and just the fact that something that really has no "value" means so much to her..I miss that way of thinking. Shoot society! haha anyways, I like your adventure. =0)

keltie said...

I changed your outlook, hey? I'm sad that I wasn't at Peggy's Cove with you but I am glad that you now appreciate the beauty of NS. You sure ('sure' said like the sea shore) can't see both ends of a train like in Sask. but NS is still the greatest place in the world! You are definitely right about one thing, going for drives are good for you. Car conversations are my favorite kind.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought of it before, but i've never been to Peggy's Cove. Sounds fun.