Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1 down, 364 more to go...

wow. is it not crazy that we build up so much for the day of December 25, and then it's done in hours??!!

I'm totally kidding about the countdown, by the way.

I actually am thankful that it's over. Last night I went for a walk around my neighbourhood with a friend(I needed to walk off some food...I ate alot) and when we got to the top of a particular hill I looked over the city and it was so peaceful and sprinkled with lights. I felt blessed to live in the place where I do because I was allowed to go out at 11.00pm and stand in the middle of the road without worrying about being beaten up or whatever.
Mwahhh, I was happy.

Those are just some of my boxing day thoughts.

Oh yea!! Alli, Em, Nath and I got a digital cam. to share, so now I won't have to wait for like 3 months to get pictures developed so that I can put them on my blog!! (I'm a slow picture taker- thats why it takes 3 months)

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jennspencer said...

Yea for Digitals! Put up some more pics!!!!