Tuesday, December 12, 2006

mud covered pants and tractors.

woooah baby. I had a long day today. It was good, and filled with adventures and new experiences, but long.
here's what I did for the first time today:
  • went on an attempted hike with Jeff
  • measured air in tires and filled tires with air
  • got to the middle of nowhere and had my truck basically break down
  • have to ask help from strangers
  • watched jeff get stuck in their yard with the truck
  • get sprayed by mud from under a dumb truck tire as jeff floored the gas, but still got nowhere
  • get pulled out of the yard by a tractor
  • drive 40km/h the whole way back to town.
  • ate incredibly spicy indian food

As you may or may not have guessed, no hike happened, but it was a fun day none the less. I'm now covered by mud, but I'm home(thanks to mom who came and picked us up).
I wish so much that I'd had a camera with me today. I would have halarious pictures to put up:(. Hopefully next time it'll all go better.
We did watch super cute mini axemen playing hockey while we were killing time though! They're sooo little. probably about 7.

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