Tuesday, October 10, 2006

to my western canada buddies

Hi, currently I'm too tired to sleep so I'm writing a blog message at 1.32 am.
If we're going by history, Owen should be calling me looking for Christiane in about 13 minutes. I miss Ed. and I really REALLY wanted to be there for thanksgiving with all y'all. Also I would have liked to celebrate Jane's 5th with them and Chris, and I would like to go for a run and over look the Sask. river from the bench on the far right. I bet the colors are beautiful and that it would be an awesome view right now.
Also I would like to go on a loooong walk where we went the day that I almost bit the dirt on the side on the almost-cliff by the water(ya know, when the guys passed us on the golf cart and I looked like an idiot with no feet).

Amanda's msn pic. isn't really helping a whole lot. it's of us together on my last day of work. :)

Can you tell I'm Edmonton sick?? I am. It's Owen's fault really.... if he hadn't described where he was when he called at 1.45am, I wouldn't have thought of all this. I'm glad that he did call though. It made me really happy.
I had a dream last week that I was walking on Whyte Ave. and in it all of a sudden I got SO excited because I realized where I was and that I could visit Amanda at Booster Juice and also Chris in the happy place. Or maybe pick her up from work.
I miss Steeps tea dates with the gals and Marble slab ice cream with y'all, even though I could usually not finish it because it was massive and so deliciously sweet.
3 minutes till my cell phone rang. Happy thanksgiving!

love J.

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Christiane said...


Edmonton is homesick for you too!! I sure wish you could have been here with us...then we would have had 10 people in the appartment Saturday night! :P I would love to go for a long walk with you back in the river valley...not so much the jog though...I still have Turkey-Belly. I miss you dude-just in case you thought I didn't :D