Saturday, October 07, 2006

RIP beanies

I have terrible news.
Christiane just told me, via blog comments, that my beans are dead. I guess they're all crispy and dried up or something! :S.
The poor things.
I think that they died because Pam (our roommate that didn't actually live there at all this summer) put acid in their water; or maybe she just gave it normal tap water.... ya know with all the reports that are coming out, maybe the acid's IN the tap water. Either way, she really wants a rabbit. I guess she is more desperate than we thought. Oh well, bunnies are cute too, and I still would like her even if she did sabotage the plants (which I know she didn't):D.


Briggins said...

Well you know the old saying; "All good beans must die and be fried at sometime." This terrible news is going to change the way I think about beans.

Christiane said...

I think you are funny...that is a good theory that Pam murdered our beans so that she could get a rabbit...haha I like. I'm gunna take a picture of the dead ones too...I'll keep you posted. :(
love ya!