Friday, September 15, 2006


"Mountain maker, ocean tamer..."

As we drove into Jasper National Park, Chris and I turned up Chris Tomlin's "Arriving" cd and sang out the windows at the top of our lungs with the wind whipping us in the eyes with our hair.....

After that we drove to Angel Glacier and stopped to hike up to see it. It's cool how things are always changing... It's massive, and it's been melting for thousands of years! While we were there a big chunk of ice that had been standing up on it's own, fell over. It was a little bit cool....

mmm, freezing cold, slightly iron flavored, glacier water!

On Birk ad. we walked up to the glacier wearing just these babies... it was funny as we passed people who were decked out in hard-core hiking gear... walking sticks, backpacks, bandanas, expensive hiking boots, and fancy hiking clothes... then there we were in birks carring our nalgenes:D.

-------------> This cave was awesome... the mouth of it was HUGE and then inside it went up like a tunnel. I wanted to explore, but then it made a huge crack sound, which terrified me, so we didnt' go Chris wouldn't let me in the first place.

We really were only in Jasper for like 10 hours, but it was awesome. I've never seen anything like the mountains in my life. They're all so different. I love the ocean and it definitly is beautiful, but in a really different way. You have to go to different places to see it change. The mountains are fantastic in the way that you just have to turn in a circle and you see so many different things. Some have snow.... others don't.. some are pointy still others are flat and smooth looking.... some have lots of different colors streaked through the layers of rock, and others are just one color, yet they're all still breath taking. At the end of our day there was an awesome sunset against the mountains. That too, like so many other things that day, was really cool.


Christiane said...

UMMM....Amen :) One of the highlights of my summer! So glad we could do that together. you are Putting me to shame here cause my blog desperately needs some updates :S Love you!!

Briggins said...

Mountians = very beautiful and total awesomeness. Having snowball fights on mountains in July is cool, literally.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia!
Yeah, I can leave comments now! I love the pictures....what a beautiful province. It was so good to read about your time out West. Sounds like you and Chris made some good memories!

beth konrath said...

hey julia :)
i love the blog, it was great seeing you again this summer; even if it was only for a few mintues.
you look beautiful in your prom pictures ! i heard the story about the bird poo ! haha,

hope to see you soon, maybe at the next rally in the valley?! that would be sweet !

love you girl,

Jill said...

julia the appreciation for Geology is much noticed! the glacial till and water is beautiful.. caves also beautiful... got any cirques??? no?no? thats ok next time yo ugo there get me to go too and i can give you a complete analysis of the origensis of the mountains!! heck yes! love ya