Monday, September 18, 2006


This is Amanda and I. She is what kept me sane while I was working at Booster Juice. Seriously. I don't know if Derek would still be alive if she hadn't been there to hang out with me.

We spent HOURS listening to the same songs over and over on the radio station that plays only about 13 songs, while sampling every smoothie that was on the menu board AND ones that we created outselves. :D. Needless to say, we ate/drank A LOT of boosterjuices over the course of 2 months. It was fun though.
"Ridin' Dirty" was our hit... not kidding, we heard it probably over 175 times over the summer.


My family is spread across Canada from coast to coast, so it's a little bit hard to really know a lot of my relatives. I was so thankful that I could be in Edmonton for the summer because I was really close to my aunt and cousins, who I didn't really know well at all before, so I got to spend some times with them all and got to know them, FINALLY! I would have to say that one of the best things about being in Edmonton for the summer was that I got to spend time with my little cousins.

mostly I just wanted to say something about them because I wanted to put this wonderful picture of Chris up on account of she put up a TERRIBLE (though pretty funny) one of me on her site, and I wanted to get back at her. (I also do think it's a cute picture of Kate.)


One day towards the end of July I got to hang out with Jordan which made me SO happy!
It was always so good when there was someone around to entertain me... especially if they're from home... aka Keltie or Sheil or Jordan! I didn't have to work so we decided to check out the city. We went to Churchill square and playing in a fountain with some little kids for a while--- I managed to fall and get my jeans completely soaked. Then we headed to Whyte Ave. to find some ice cream and lunch.

I was so excited to take Jord to this awesome place called Marble Slab. They have THE best ice cream I've ever eaten. You get to choose a flavor ice cream (there are like 40 to choose from-all home made the night before) then you get to choose a mixin'- they're a topping you get mixed in with your ice cream.... like oreos, different types of chocolate bars, reeses pieces, different berries, gummy bears.... and then you get a yummy waffle cone. I HIGHLY suggest that you try it out if you're ever near one!!

This picture is from Jordan to Fi. He thought that Filthy's was such a funny name. It reminded him of her--- Fi McNab...FIlthy MCNasty's. ya. It's a pub that's on Whyte Ave.


Christiane said...

EEWWWW...that is a dreadful picture of me...ok, ok...we're even!! :D it looks like the "before" picture for a big weight loss program add :P yuck! I haven't even read your blog yet...I'm commenting on the nasty picture first!

julia said...

Chris, the only reason I put it up is because you look high, and thats funny to me.:P

Christiane said...

I love you anyway ;) I deserved it :P