Sunday, March 27, 2011

Its been about a year since I even thought about this blog on my own. Life has been so busy and other things took priority for me.
I guess that I'm coming back to it because even though people know who it is that writes this blog there is a sense of anonymity that comes with expressing oneself on a blog. It feels ok to pound out thoughts and feelings while I sit on this side of the computer screen, behind my red curtains and inside these tiny walls.

I'm sitting in my little apartment with a delicious candle burning (to try and hide the smell of pancakes and bacon that I made for someone this morning) and all wrapped up in my ecu blanket. I guess both are attempts at blocking the real world out- the smell and the cold. Neither is really working.
I feel tired and like every time I let myself trust someone that it just ends up back-firing.

I cant believe that 2 years have almost passed since I moved to the Island. Its gone so quickly and so much has happened.
I think quite frequently about how much I've learned and how much I know now compared to when I first started into the program (LPN) and it boggles my MIND!
I have only 7 more weeks in total before I'm done and write the national exam. 2 of those weeks are clinical/classroom(presentation and 2 finals) and the rest of them are clinical integration. I'll be working on a convalescent care unit here in town. I spent 7 weeks there last year too, but this time I'll not be doing class time or any assignments to go with it- it'll be working full time.

I've decided to stay on the Island after I graduate. For now atleast. I already have my foot in the door a bit here with all of the clinical time that I've done so that'll help a bit and then if I do choose to go back home afterwards I'll have some experience to go with my resume.

Until then I'll be studying my tail off. Lots of information to pack into my brain before the next step happens. Lots of decisions too.

On a completely different note, Alli agreed to come to Ecuador with me in May! I'm excited. It'll be my first time back since 2009 and my first time there ever just to hang out and travel and visit with people. Lots of planning to do there. I'm so looking forward to it.

**the pic at the top is graffiti that is done at York Redoubt in NS. Nath and I went exploring last week when I was home- there are a few other pics too but I'll not put them up today.
I think this ones beautiful- its just a splash of color that I need today.


Janna said...

can't wait to have you here, splashing a bit of your colour on THIS side of the equator again. :) xo

Laura said...

Hey! I randomly found your blog and really like it! Your writing is so amazing and I think you might like my blog as well! I'm a dutch girl going to an American boarding school..writing about how to deal with the culture shock and other things. Well I'm about to follow your blog!
- Laura