Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cars, Coldplay, and other Updates

I just thought I'd update on a few things that I've mentioned in previous posts or things that are going on in mi vida(since I have been horrible about posting lately- sorry):

-Alli and her bf, Jeff, came to visit me a couple weekends ago. It was SO nice to have them, especially since they came at a time when I was really needing some familiar-to-my-life people. They went up about 75 levels on my favorite people list. Theres just something so great about having people tell you they love you by jumping head first into your world for a few days.
(a special shout out goes to Jeff, who is planting miniature evergreens in the rural areas of British Columbia right now).

-Remember when I said that I wanted to try to get back into running? well. it took me a REALLY long time, but finally I have got myself out, with my feet smacking the pavement again.
I have IT band syndrome, often when I run it doesnt last too long because my knee gets so sore that I look like I have a serious leg-length difference. I've been doing stretching for it, and Good News!! It hasnt been paining me so much, and also when it finally does start to hurt, its not until about 30 minutes into my run instead of 10.. :).
This week has been a bit of a write-off because of finals and its cold out. But hopefully soon I can get those runs to be a regular part of my weekly (and dare I dream to say daily?) routine.
I find that I feel so much better when that good exercise is fit in my schedule- its a good stress reliever too. Usually I do part of my run on the boardwalk in time to catch some sunset.

- FINALS are coming up in a week!!!!!! 5 more days of regular class time(presentations, final classes, and reviews).
It is unreal how quickly the past 9 months have gone. I feel like I have learned a whole new language in that time. I've made new friends, I've lived by myself(and cooked and YES I'm still alive.. maybe a bit.... mas gordita.... than 9 months ago even). I have read more school related text in these 9 months than I did in all of my 14.5 previous years of education combined. I would say that I'm a pretty good page scanner now.
Hopefully when I'm done I'll get to spend some time in Halifax.. a week would be nice. Who knows if it'll fo realz happen.

- CAR!!!! I FORGOT!!!
First of all, I'd like to say that my Mother is a queen.
Mom and I have been scouring kijiji relentlessly for the past few months, looking for a little car that was in good fairly good shape, while still being affordable. My goodness was that a slow process. I dont know how many ads I've looked at- the number is high.
Mom found one in FR for sale that seemed pretty good, and after test driving it on the Hfx pier yesterday she met with him again to get this little mini car checked out by a mechanic before making an offer. Its exciting.... first car. I probably wont use it in town much, I walk mostly everywhere and I like it, but it'll be so great for doing groceries and having (access to) a vehicle is require for my program next year. Also it'll be great for weekends like this one where I'm just itching to get home.
Does this make me a real grown up?

- A while ago I said I was going to try to do some sort of daily posts....
I knowwww. I failed at that. And now looking back, I recognize that that was a silly thing to say because who am I kidding? I've never been a great or frequent blogger. And now especially with summer coming, it would be especially futile. Sorry for lying folks.

Ok. peace to you. I'm outta here. my feet are cold and I need to tidy up my flat before someone(a HALIBODY- yay!) stops by.

**Coldplay: Viva la Vida or Death and all His friends- I know its not particularly new. but I have been really enjoying it this week. Check out their sweet Strawberry Swing vid Here!

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