Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Picture is worth a thousand words...

....Or more in this case.
this book shop is my favorite on in Halifax, and a couple weekends ago Becca, Daniel and I made a trip there while we were wandering around dt.

When you step into the shop you are immediately enveloped in the smell of old books- a smell that I love. It is sort of musty, and dry It makes my mind excited for whatever story is hidden behind the old hard cover, and it makes me think of tales like Huckelberry Finn or Treasure Island or The Four Little Blossoms (all titles that are sitting on the bookshelf at home).
There are literally books piled from floor to ceiling.Some are so OLD that they look as if they're about to fall apart at any moment- one that I bought on my last trip there was printed in 1910 I think. It'll be celebrating its 100th birthday this year I suppose.
There are sections for war stories, there are sections for fiction or non-fiction, there are sections for the classics, for all different religions, for books of history from all around the world They're on shelves and in boxes, in stacks on the steps and in some cases they're just laying on the floor.
Which brings me to one of the two small things that I dislike about JWD books. There are SO many- far too many to count- that often they're piled on the floor, which then leads to the piles being bumped and then all those poor books are there for the kicking. I'm sure there have been many that were ruined because they never made it to the shelf. Its a bit of a shame, but in truth, it really does make the shop incredibly unique.
The other small thing that I dont like is that they're often a little bit overpriced for the condition that they're in. I pay it anyway.:)
I love to sit in the middle of the books and look around me. I am truly surrounded by countless words; by the thoughts and works of thousands and thousands of authors. How many hours were put into making all of the books that threaten to fall over on me when I sit there?

(this magical place is J.W.Doull Books, located at 1684 Barrington St. in Halifax)


Mandi Bartel said...

Take me to this place!!! it looks like heaven :)

Jo said...

Hey! What's this place called? I've never seen it and now I want to go.