Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today I met a man...

...His name is Jack.

After sitting in the stuffy classroom all day today, I got home and decided to go for a walk. I popped my camera in my pocket and grabbed some $$ for Starbucks(grande skinny vanilla steamer, extra hot, no foam) and headed out the door, undecided on where exactly I'd be going.

With my drink in hand I headed down toward the waterfront.
I didnt know(but soon found out) that most of it was actually blocked off because there is a snow sculpting competition going on. I decided to walk close anyway.

This is where Jack comes into the picture.
He wanted my Starbucks. I said no. And the conversation went from there!
He is from Ontario, it turns out, and is in Chtown for the Jack Frost winter carnival. Its his first time doing snow sculpting, but he does stone work just for his own entertainment. Hes competing against a few people from PEI, others from other parts of Canada, and one man from Portugal. Neat, eh?

We chatted for a while. I learned he has family in Dartmouth and this is his first time visiting PEI, hes now been to every province, but not to any of the territories. His eyes were the most piercing blue. He loved to talk, and I'm sure has a million stories to tell.

I was going to help him shovel snow away from his sculpture (which is a big version of the little bobsled team done of stone in the pic), but it was cold and he wanted to watch himself be interviewed on the news. I was invited to go watch too, but I chose life and after repeating his website's name twice I just continued on my way.

I love meeting randoms.
Check out Jack's other stuff HERE.

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