Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you ever feel so emotionally tired that you just dont know where to put your thoughts anymore? That you want to just shut them off and to not think or feel any thing?

I'm tired.

And I know where some of this "emotional exhaustion" has come from, and I'm trying to choose different places and things that I can put my time and thoughts into, but I'm not exactly sure where to go or what to focus on in order to do that.

I think that I need to find ways to better manage my time, and I need to start being more active so that I'm not feeling so physically tired (despite doing nothing). Those are some ways maybe I can be more efficient. And if I'm busy with bein good with my time- some spent on school and running or the gym or something- maybe I'll just not have time to dwell on the stupid things that have had my mind all worked up lately.
A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was asking me what I thought about her relationship with someone... and a verse popped into my head (which hasnt been happening a whole lot lately).... the Proverbs 4:23- Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
I havent been guarding my heart very well lately. And now I'm feeling it.

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