Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks

After spending a good part of last week camping in Keji with Dad, Jessie (the dog) decided to bring home some special friends to share with us that she picked up on her vacation!

We were first alerted to their presence in our home when Nathan found one on his neck last night.
Its funny, the physical response to those things. Even though he got it off and safely chopped it up and then flushed it down to the Arm, he couldnt stop rubbing the spot where it had been.

I hate ticks, so I worked hard to convince myself that there were no others apart from the one the Nath found and the one that was pulled off of Jessie a few minutes later.
I was wrong.
After reading in bed for a little while, and before I fell asleep I discovered one on my leg! Thank goodness it didnt bite me- it was just crawling. But it was in my bed. Finally I found it (I had flung it on the floor), killed it and convinced myself it was safe to sleep.

What sicko creatures those things are. I could live without them. THAT is for sure.

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Tom, Leah and Josie said...

um, why did you have to post a picture of a tick!? GROSS!