Saturday, May 16, 2009

over the sea and across the desert.

After several months of planning, organizing, fundraising and YEARS of dreaming, my Mom finally left last night to go to Uganda for just over 3 weeks!
For years she's stood behind us and waved us off as we flew to Ecuador time and time again, and now its her turn!
I'm excited for her. Its about time. She has wanted to do missions for a while, and this is her starting with a Bang.

For the past 2 weeks, there have been several enormous duffle bags laying in different parts of the living rooms or kitchen. She's packed and re-packed, making sure that none of them weighted over 50lbs.
Today she is in London for several hours (thought I think she's probably back now at the airport getting ready to fly to Ethiopia, and then Uganda). She kept talking about this guy, Sully, who had never been to London before and was excited to go into the city, even just for a few hours, and look around a little bit! She mentioned him a few different times(and the others too, but this story is about him) in different passing questions or stories as she got ready, usually Kevin(another team member, probably late 30s, early 40s) and I was picturing him as this guy, mid 40s balding a little bit with glasses. So how surprised was I when we showed up at the airport last night to find out that Sully is NOT a 45 year old man, balding, or even with glasses!, but instead a young basketball player from DAL, who is my age or maybe a year older. :)

Now begins the madness that happens in our house when Mom is gone. Dinner preps. Driving people every which way, usually in complete opposite directions, needing to be at their destinations at the same time.

I think we'll survive. hopefully.
I think she'll survive too! hopefully. its her first time away from home for so long since she was married(24 years), she told me.

oh. and. I wasnt the only one with that mental picture of Sully... Alli thought it too!!

p.s. who from Plano keeps checking my blog? I'm so curious.

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