Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nursing Update

First: I definitely think that nursing dresses should make a comeback. I bet they're wayyy comfier than scrubs.

Second: time for the update re: my nursing application!

I have not been accepted... yet.
I called HC the other day to find out the status of my application since I completed a few other requirements and mailed them in to admissions.
Technically my application isnt even finished yet since my math mark isnt what it needs to be.
Right now I am in the process of doing a math12 equivalent course at SMU so that I can get my mark from a 62% to above a 65%(the mark that I received and the mark that I need, respectively). SO. when I get my midterm mark from that course I'll mail it on over and then see what happens.

After the woman told me that they had infact received the second half of my application, I asked her whether or not the course was full. And she said that yes, it is full. BUT there is a waiting list because there are always a few people who drop out of the program, and the strongest applicants get put on to the waiting list. I asked her what I could do to make myself a stronger applicant and she said "no, just keep in touch and make sure you send in your marks as you get them".

So I have no idea if they're just dragging me through the mud for nothing, but I'll go with it because I really really really want to be part of that program. And I think that I successfully portrayed that to her in the phone call.

OH! And. I got an email from a friend who helped put the LPN program together at HC, and who also teaches some of second year, and she told me that she contacted admissions and gave me a pretty great (not her words, mine) reference!

So heres to hoping. again.
I'll keep y'all posted on the status.
Sorry it took so long. and that I am not a smooth blogger. and that i'm not good at words! :)

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Briggins said...

Hope you can get in!
Jonathan David Briggins