Friday, January 30, 2009

"casa de café"

how time flies.
it was once again time, tonight, for the (hopefully annual) coffeehouse fundraiser for the Ecuador trip!! After several weeks of throwing different ideas back and forth between the team members, the time was upon us. Jon Ryan did a super job of getting things organized and the night went together REALLY well.
And of course every event has its blips and bumps- tonights was when Jenn shook the whipped cream dispenser too much and it exploded alllll over the kitchen- walls, window, floor, ceiling, etc.) and anyone that was standing anywhere near her or the container.

Featured throughout the evening were :

  • Andrew Veysey doing some of his own songs

  • Jon Bryant doing a musical mix... I heard some Caedmons call at one point, and maybe he did some of his own stuff too- I didnt get to sit and hear it all

  • The Contact doing a few songs from their most recent album Canvas Tears.

Its always so good to see so many people jammed into a space to be together and supporting a truly good cause. And what better cause is there than sending a couple hundred kids to a camp where they are free to play games all day, eat until their little tummies are so full they cant eat another bite, race into the waves in the ocean squealing with delight, and to sleep soundly and safely on a good mattress?!

There were so many people there that I really didnt get to talk to a lot of the people that I would have loved to, but I really did enjoy my time.

thanks to everyone who came out!!!
We are now just that much closer to our goal of getting there :) and what a good night it was.

** photos to come.
***Tim, I heard you were looking for a new post. haha. Sorry amigo, I've lost motivation in this area as of late. I'll try to put them up more frequently.

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Tim said...

Ha ha :) Thanks J.