Saturday, October 25, 2008

The hills are alive..... on third floor.

I think that the world has been deceived. It has been lead to believe that nuns, sisters, whatever you choose to call them, are either grumpy and strict, or they're singing and twirling across the hills (which just happen to be alive with the sound of music).

Ok. maybe its not actually that bad. But those are some stereotypes that popped into my mind.

Here is the truth.
Nuns are hilarious. I got a new job and I work with those girls for 12 hr shifts a few times a week.
These sisters have stories to fill more books than any library on this planet could every hold, they ALL have routines and stick to them like the 10 commandments, they all love love love Steve Murphy, they watch trashy entertainment shows and movies that are on at 3, and each one is very much her own lady, and I truly enjoy my job. I love being able to chat and listen with the sisters as I go about my day.
I wish so much that I could remember some of the absolutely hi-larious comments that I've heard in passing, I'm going to start writing things down. They're so funny.

I'll write more stories once I get them.
Until then, know this. I think my job, which maybe a lot of people would think is uncomfortable or yucky (which is sometimes is), is going to be great.


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