Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm home. I got back 3 weeks ago today. I cant believe that I have been home for almost a month already.
My heart has been missing the people there. My friends, students.
Camp comes soon though, so it'll be fun to go up there, also it'll be super to fill my time up a bit. I havent have a set schedule much since I got home which has been weird- in Guayaquil I had a routine going. It was nice. It'll be good to get back into some sort or routine again.

Still its nice to be with my family here and to know whats going on in their lives instead of getting just wee bits and pieces of things through short phone calls or emails!

More Ecuador updates and pictures to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

hey I am alive, I have not found a job yet, How are u?