Monday, May 26, 2008

diez equals ten- mmm stomach

Last week I was really really hungry one day after school so I decided to buy lunch for $1.30 at a little comedor on the way home. The last time I bought lunch there I had excellent rice, fish, soup, and juice. It was delish.
This time when I went the menu board still wasnt up (it's been missing for about 2 weeks now), and when Iasked her what exactly she was serving for lunch that day I didnt understand, so I just said "ok, sounds good, one please!". Bad choice Julia. This, my friends, is what cows stomach looks like. GROSSSSSSS.
I didnt eat it. Needless to say. I vitoed the soup too, and jsut drank the juice. It was delicious. Fresh, homemade limonada.
Briggins and I ate grilled cheese instead. Him in Halifax, me in Ecuador...I forgot to take a picture.

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Jenn said...

Cute jule, that food picture looks sick!