Saturday, April 12, 2008

parte 2:

alright... so campamento de niños ended with the power going out during the big finale dinner. The kids errupted into shrieks, the puppet show was cut short, and we all headed to bed.

On Sat. everyone packed up their stuff, tears all around. All the Ecuadorians headed back to the city leaving us Canadians behind at camp because there was no room for us on the buses.

when we got back to the city we moved back in with our families (the same as before camp). Miranda, Kayla, and I walked to our house, but when I walked in the door I stopped dead in my tracks and was SO confused, causing all the family members in the house to laugh at me. It was a completely different house from before!
Not actually, but they'd knocked down a wall so that the front room was twice the size that it was when we left, and it was organized completely differently.

Sunday there was church in both blocks 6 and 10. Sunday night we took our families out for dinner. Antoinetta happily chose to go to KFC, so we enjoyed a greasy meal there together, then ate pinguino for desset(of course). Pinguino, for those of you that dont know, means penguin in spanish, and is delish ice cream.

Monday happened. It was my last day with the Canadians. I woke up feeling like death on living legs. We left Bastion earlyish and headed down to the market to buy some artisan stuff. Its a cool market that is HUGE. Everyone bought lots of nice ecuadorian goodies, I sat on steps with Jer and Janna trying to control the extreme stomach pains that I was having, the I bought a hammock, and then we left. We then headed to the malecon where we ate some yummy Yogurt Persa and pan de yuca(YUMMM) and wandered around. I ended up laying on the bus not feeling well. I did get a chance to write some notes and observe passer-bys.
The rest of the day consisted of more stomach cramps, a trip to a pool so everyone could clean off a bit before they flew, Frutabar(YUMM), and airport.

It surprised me that I didnt find it that hard to say bye to everyone... only a few tears were shed and they stopped before we even got out of the building. It was so weird to be the one waving goodbye to my group of friends with Janna, instead of waving goodbye to her. It was freeing almost in a way. It was the start of something entirely new and different from anything I'd done before.

Today was insanely busy for me... I had a meeting at the school, helped get some classrooms ready for kids, and ran errands for the rest of the day.... it was a regular life day.... just like one I might have at home. This is my life right now. And today was so real, but at the same time it felt like a dream. I love it here.


katie said...

Yogurt Persa...awesomeness

Briggins said...

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