Friday, April 25, 2008

FOR ALLI: Love julia and daniel

we all know frogs go
"la - de - da -de -da",
they dont go ...


alli said...

ahhhhhhh YAY!! AHHHHHHH We all know frogs go 'la de da de da!' they dont go UM UM AH! OH this made me SOOOOOO HAPPY! GRACIAS DANIEL Y JULIA!!!
It made my day!! I'm going to make your blog ratings go way up just by continually looking at this blog! OH man!! LOVE IT

Christiane said...

AWE this is perhaps the best entry ever!! I LOVE THIS FACE... how cute is he :) Good one Jules... the only way it could have been better would be to have your face in it too! love ya

julia said...

My face would ruin it. I love these pictures. I think I'm going to get them printed and put them in my room when I get home.

Anonymous said...

Julia, are you really my friend? do you really love me? because a real friend won´t do that, a real freind won´t use those orribles pictures just because you hate me.

Please frogive me, I won´t love you the way you want me to love you, do you undesrtand?

Hahah estoy bromeando ok.
But those are FOTOS ORRIBLES.