Sunday, March 16, 2008

Its warm here.

hey all...
I guess I win the slowest blogger award of the month. Its been insanely busy down here.
The team and I just got back to Guayaquil after a week and a half of sunshine, sand, screaming children and everything else that goes with camp. It was so good. I took a bunch of pictures, but havent really had a chance to upload anything or even figure out where I might do something like that.

Its so strange and GOOD being back (not staff meeting ¨ wellll, last nights cabin devos were good¨good, but GOOD).

I was standing in the camp kitchen the other day drying dishes and I paused for just a second to look around me. I was the only Canadian in a whole kitchen full of people, Spanish HillSongs United music was blaring, everyone was singing, water was being splashed back and forth across the counter from one sink to the other, and it was all I could do not to cry. Tears of contentment that is. I just felt so much peace. I was surrounded by people I love in a land far away from my own, and I was terrified and so excited at the same time that I didnt know what to do with myself.

Last night when we got back to Bastion we went to youth group and it was really fun too.... I ended up losing a game once and almost a second time(thanks to Daniel´s slow tie tying) and had to do a chicken dance, and also learned to play human x&o s. Its almost like steal the bacon.... I´m definitely introducing that to Malagash this summer, WHICH by the way I am working at:).

Tomorrow everyone heads back to Canada, leaving me here with Janna to fend for myself.
Next week I´ll head back out to camp for a Sr.High aged group and it´ll be awesome. I´m excited.

I´m out of time here.... hope all is well whereever you´re reading this from.
I hope you all in NS are loving the snow... its 30c and humid here today.

p.s. Tim, did you go on your mission trip yet?? if ¨yes¨, how did it go??


Christiane said...

Hey Pumpkin :)

Missin' you like crazy up here :) I'm so happy you are having moment's of such contentment and peace that you don't know what to do with yourself :) I love that. I can't wait to see your pictures when you figure out how to get them up. Enjoy your week to 'relax' a bit before camp starts again :) Say hi to everyone for me. I'm prayin' for you girl... love ya lots and lots :)

Briggins said...

You can't just crown yourself with the slowest blogger have a tough fight with Ryan and Jenni for that.

Tim said...

Haha, yes I'm back from the DR. I will try and post a blog sometime soon with pictures and put some on facebook.

Jenn said...

That's true, I'm pretty good at the whole blog slacking thing. But Briggins is right, Rybo for sure is a great contender.