Monday, April 09, 2007

an easter trip to cape split

On Friday a few of us decided to make the trip and hike Cape Split. It was beautiful despite the weather that changed every 200 metres. In a matter of 4 hours we saw sunshine, clouds, snow, excessive wind and more snow. It is so good to just go outside, trek through some mud, hang out with friends and take some time to breath.

I unfortunatly did not take my camera with me, but Jeff's friend Tom did:) and so I am now scoffing some of his pics.

Here you will see Jer and Jon trying catch cheesies flying at 200km/h in their mouths.

Cape Splitters: Jeff, Jo, Jer, Sar, Jenn, Jon, Alli, Poppy, Sheil, Tom, Ashley and me.
Thanks Tom :)


Christiane said...

Awe... I wanna be a Cape Splitter :) I will be soon!!! :D

julia said...

yes you willllll:D can't wait.
hopefully then there will not be any surprise snow showers.