Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day, y'all...Y
I have to admit that that is a BIG thing for me to say. it's not really my favorite day of the year, but I'm working on being more "accepting" of it.

A random guy today with a mic asked me what I thought of this Y loveydovey day. Itwas wierd. But I think my sharing why I dont like it so much made me feel better... and maybe even less resentful towards the whole idea.
I guess it's not SO bad.

So here's big news!!

Paul, Shelley and Owen now have a new family member!!! baby Grace was born this morning really early. She's beautiful. I got to hold her when i dropped by the hospital today and she's perfect...perfect toes and ears and fingers. So tiny. It's CRAZY to me how a full body can live in a stomach for 9 months and then suddenly it's here, in our giant world.

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