Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i've had a long, long day today.
emily lately has not been feeling so great... yesterday she stayed home from school and mentioned to me that she's been drinking more water than she ever has, and that she lost 10lbs over christmas break. today when she was home for lunch she mentioned that she'd been up like 6 times to use the washroom last night, so i decided to play a little game called "lets check your blood sugars because you're freaking me out with your diabetes symptoms". sure enough, they were so high that my glucometer couldn't read it.
i can say that i dont think that i've ever been so sad in my life. even though really it could be something so much worse, like cancer or something, i would never never wish diabetes upon anyone.

i had a little bit of a stall in my thinking, and didn't really know what to do about it, because both the vehicles were at work with both the parents... finally my friend's mom took us down to the hospital.
sure enough, after meeting mom and going to emerg., and running some tests, they diagnosed her with type one diabetes. it turns out that her blood sugars were about 40, but they're supposed to be between 4 and 8.

After that I "ugly cried" all the way to fall river where i continued to ugly cry for 3 more hours with christiane. blah. ugly crying makes a girl tired, i tell you.

it's good that we already know mostly everything that we need to about diabetes... but it's just going to be a huge change for our family.... and especially for em. she'll be ok though.

on the upside... i'm taking the day off tomorrow. I'm exhausted and today was really stressful, it should be good. mmm, sleep in.


Sean McMullen said...

Hey Jules. Just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you and your sis. I hope you guys feel better soon. I wish I was there to comfort you.

Sean and Ruth

Jenn said...

Emily, you and your family is in my prayers, i hope you all get well rested and the adjustment is trouble-free. Remember to " Trust in the Lord with all your heart..." Proverbs 3:5-6
Love you girl.

Tim said...

Sorry to hear that about your sister. She is in good hands though.

Jerry said...


Christiane said...

Love you Jules...

You can "ugly cry" with me any time you want :D