Friday, December 29, 2006

ramblings of a convicted heart

I am so blessed to live where I do, with the family that I have. So often I just take all the safety and security and peace that we have in Canada for granted.

I just got home from seeing Blood Diamond. Guys, seriously, go see it. It's probably the most incredible movie that I've ever seen. It's all about the diamonds that came out/are coming out of Sierra Leone and the other countries around it, and the war and absolute shit that happens in order for us, the selfish North Americans, to get the things that we think are important.
As I sat and watched, I was seriously shocked. I guess I never really thought about the child soldiers that are in those places. They're completely brainwashed and taught to slaughter their friends and parents... the people that love them and that are, in reallity, trying to protect them and make things better. And while they're over there being ruined completely by corrupt and purely evil people, we sit here and read things on out computers and in magazines about Britney's latest night partying or the newest and fanciest car that is out on the market.

As I sit here and pour out my usually hard to the world heart, I can't help but thing of a man that I knew before. He was from Sierra Leone too, and came to Canada from refugee camps to escape the horror that was his life over there. He's one of so few that got out, in comparison to the countless others that didn't. I can't imagine what he and all the others in Sierra Leone, and the other places in the world like it, felt.

See the movie.

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jennspencer said...

done and done...too bad I didn't get movie money for Christmas!!!