Tuesday, November 14, 2006

everyone's married or getting married or seriously dating. some are not but they're busy with univ. it's annoying.


Anonymous said...

hey Julia, it's Jerry! glad to see you blog! re: your post...I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not married but I am busy with school right now

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously dating my wife right now.

krista said...

Julia, I'm sorry, I fall into the getting married category :( - that sad face is for you not for me, just to clarify. I'm super excited about getting married. I wish very much that you could be at my wedding too! I'll be praying that things change and that you'll be able to make it out here, but if things don't work out that way, josh and I are planning a trip out east next summer and we'll have LOTS of pics to show you.
Thanks for saying hi and looking at my aweful school blog ;)
Luv ya lots, have a great day

Anonymous said...

i'm not any of those! HA! will i see you in january when i zoom around halifax for a day?

and i did stand the guy up. but i'm going to see his band play day after tomorrow, so i figure it will be ok.