Sunday, October 29, 2006

where is my brain?

I've been feeling pressured (mainly by "the plethoras") to update, there's not been a whole lot going on... but here's a little peek at my brain.
I've been soooo sooo busy, but I don't even know with what! Funny how that happens. I'm just running all over the place, but actually at the end of the day I dont' even know where I've been.
School work is maybe catching up with me or something... I dont' know. But I tell ya, it's tiring!

This past weekend I was working in the "lame" (thankyou Alison for the word- lame means pretty grundgy, there's mouse poop behind the microwave:S:S, and there's not any type of foodprocessor in the whole place)kitchen at bayside camp for a youth group retreat, anddd now that I look back , I really think that even though it wasn't terrible at all even thought it was a bit yucky, and I did laugh really hard a few times, I should NOT have gone.
I have an english essay "peer editing" thing that I'm supposed to do for tuesday, buttttt I forgot about it and didn't get it done.
ANDDD also, before I went I was exhausted. All through the weekend I was exhausted. And now that it's all done (along with a trip to the sunday suppers and a short evening at friend's house) I'm really over tired which = HIGHLY exhausted.
I'm now worried that this upcoming week is going to be a mess of late nights working and tears. ohhhh no.
Lets hope that it's not.
I guess I'll just keep plodding along and see what happens! :D


Alison said...

Shall I write your essay for you? It could be my small way of thanking you for all of your help. You know I could not have done it without you!!!!!

Briggins said...

Thanks to you I had the James Blunt song 'Where Is My Mind?" stuck in my head all morning. I read the blog while I was waiting for class to start. And it was lots of fun having you around this weekend. We had some good laughs. Alison threating me with knives. AHHHH

p.s. Who are the plethoras? They sound like sick freaks.